Phonics teaches students that letters stand for particular sounds. Students are taught to use these sounds to make words. Systematic and explicit phonics instruction provides instruction in a carefully selected and useful set of letter-sound relationships and then organizes the introduction of these relationships into a logical instructional sequence. It is most effective when introduced early (K or 1). Children need ample opportunities to practice and review the relationships they are learning.

Phonics Resources:


Reading and Spelling Multi-syllable Words: This document provides instruction to help students decode multi-syllable words.

Five "Breaking" Rules for Syllabication - A handout with LMB rules adapted by Nicole Trujillo.

Phonics Websites:

Student Interactive

BBC Words and Pictures - This site works on cvc, consonant clusters, long vowels, high frequency words, and early writing skills.

Gamegoo - A website to practice a variety of early literacy skills in grades K-2.

Starfall- An interactive site for grades K-1.

Adrain Bruce - An interactive site working on all areas of phonics including structural analysis. Appropriate for grades K-3.

Sadlier-Oxford - A website focusing on phonics and word study for grades prek-6.

Teacher Resources

School Bell

Scholastic Phonics - The Phonics Skills Chart is a grade-level guide from preschool through sixth grade that outlines the progression of phonics competencies for the classroom.

Mrs. Meacham’s Classroom Snapshot - Here is a GREAT website for K-1 teachers.

Flyleaf - Decodable text to practice phonetic skills.

Reading A to Z - Downloadable decodable books. (Membership Fee)

Carl's Corner - Great website with a variety of downloadable activities and manipulatives to use for reading and writing.

Jane's Resources - check out Jane's products in the ESSDACK store.

Phonics Interventions:

Multi-sensory Routine: Provide instruction using a variety of senses to enhance student achievement.
Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping: This is a great strategy to scaffold phonics and spelling practice.
Jane’s spelling ladders.