Below are several examples of how to integrate technology and writing:

Audio File and Podcasting Ideas:
List generated by participants of the Technology and Integration Workshop on October 10, 2007)

  • Book Reviews
  • Dramatic Interpretation
  • Research Notes
  • Interviews (authors, special speaker, other classmates, teachers, etc.)
  • Field Trips
  • Vocabulary Words-learn how to pronounce and the definition.
  • Tell the story in the mp3 player and then write the story
  • Record notes from their reading after every chapter or section
  • Orally record directions or lessons for absent students
  • Any form of writing can be published as an audiobook
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Jingles ( a noun is a noun...)
  • Literature Circle Discussions
  • Interview a person in history
  • Story Problem of the Day
  • Daily News Headlines
  • Read a story another child has written
  • Cooking Show-technical writing
  • Recording directions
  • Observations (crime scene investigations, teacher observations)
  • Practice summarizing or retelling stories
  • Science experiments-experimental design
  • Author's purpose-have students talk and then class determines author's purpose
  • Content Knowledge (i.e. fractions, multiplication, division, properties, explain how to solve problem)
  • Speak essays for tests.
  • Finish a story in history...tell what happened.
  • Noise blocker
  • Social skills, rules, procedures, and orientation- (I wish I knew... audio file for the next class)
  • Making songs (i.e. medium, mode, and range)
  • Absent-record instructions for the sub or absent students
  • Tests that need to be read aloud
  • Tape readings
  • Class recorder at the end of the day
  • Safety procedures-"Stranger Danger"
  • Things you need to know....

Podcasting Websites:

  • Podcasting in Education - A great site about podcasting with many examples! K-12.
  • Willow Web - A site where K-5 grade students publish their podcasts.
  • Read Rockets - A site where you can download author podcasts to share with students.
  • Kidsread - A site developed to share information about books and authors.
  • Room 208 - A site developed by 3rd and 4th grade students.
  • Mr. Gate's Class - A site developed by 2nd grade students.
  • Learning in Hand - A site where you can learn about podcasting, download sample podcasts, and create podcasts.