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Vocabulary refers to the words we must know to be able to communicate with others. This can include understanding what words mean when we see them in written materials, like books, or understanding words that people use when they are talking.

Vocabulary Resources:

  • Kansas Parent Information Resource - Two packets of activities that can be utilized to build students vocabulary skills. These packets were designed for teachers and parents. These resources are appropriate for grades K-5

  • Florida Center for Reading Research - These center ideas were created by the Florida Center for Reading Research (www.fcrr.org) to help teachers prepare meaningful and purposeful literacy activities while they work with small groups of children. These resources are appropriate for grades K-5.

  • Strategies to Build Students' Vocabulary in Grades 4-12 - This 32 page booklet provides a variety of strategies to enhance vocabulary instruction in the secondary classroom.
  • What Words Do I Teach? - This one-page resource provides guidance to content-area teachers as to which words to focus on for explicit vocabulary lessons. - Heather Eubank

Vocabulary Websites:

                 Engaging Vocabulary Instruction from Jefferson County Schools: This powerpoint provides guidelines for                    Vocabulary Instruction.

On her webiste, Keys to Literacy, Joan Sedita provides a vocabulary routine with downable documents to promote vocabulary development.

DLTK- Cutomize your own bingo cards.

Vocabulogic: This website by Susan Ebbers covers all aspects of vocabulary and includes a list of useful websites at the bottom of the page. 

Word Wall and Dolch Words

Mrs. Perkins - List of preprimer-third grade dolch words, sight word stories, and other forms and assessment materials.

School Bell- First Grade Teacher's Site with great word wall and dolch activities.


Mrs. Perkins Dolch Downloads